Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz_jpg.jpgTest Your Bible IQ – Can you answer these simple questions from the Bible?

The Garden of Eden – Genesis, Chapter 3.

1. What kind of animal tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God’s commandment?

A. Lizard

B. Cow

C. Serpent

D. Tiger


2. The forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was?

A. Apple

B. Pear

C. Guava

D. Pomegranate

E. Nobody knows


3. Who did Adam blame for his disobedience?

A. God

B. Satan

C. Eve

D. The weather

E. Nobody


4. What did God make for Adam and Eve after they sinned in order to atone for their sin of disobedience?

A. A confessional

B. A grass hut

C. Garments of skin


5. After God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, what did He place at the entrance to prevent their access to the Tree of Life?

A. Cherubim

B. Flaming sword

C. All of the above


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