By Constant Self-Discipline

By Constant Self Discipline


BY CONSTANT SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF-CONTROL you develop greatness of character and avoid much pain.

In today’s hedonistic mindset of, “If it feels good, do it”, the concept of SELF-DENIAL and SELF-DISCIPLINE seems quite strange. That’s because many people are bent on seeking to satisfy every imaginable carnal pleasure – such as drink, drugs, parties, and sensuality without considering the long-term consequences of such a lifestyle.

We must never forget that not everything we desire is good for us. There are many things that appear to be pleasurable to our senses that must be avoided, since they are actually self-destructive and eventually will cause us great pain.

For instance, if we overeat or eat the wrong kind of food we will ultimately get fat and die from a heart attack. If we smoke cigarettes, we will develop lung cancer. If we sleep too much, we get lazy, and our muscles atrophy. If we indulge in sexual immorality, we will ineviatably contract some form of deadly disease, and so on.

Therefore, not every form of desire, passion, or whim is actually good for us. We must be careful to make wise choices.

It is true that God wants us to enjoy life to the the fullest, but He has also warned us against self-indulgent living, and to abstain from certain things which will do us harm.

“If you live after the hedonistic desires of the flesh, you shall die: but if you through the Spirit do mortify the evil deeds of the body, you shall live.” – Romans 8:13

The word mortification means putting to death the evil inclinations of the mind and body. It requires self-discipline and self-control. It is a continual process that every Christian must engage in on a daily basis. Only those who keep the Law of God will enjoy a long, happy, and prosperous life, as well as eternal life in heaven. In doing so, they will develop greatness of character and avoid much pain.

– Luis Joseph Castle

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