Is it a good idea, or a God idea?

Is it a good idea or God idea

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Is it a good idea, or a GOD idea?

Did you know that sometimes good ideas can turn out to be a disaster? Yes, it happens all the time. I must confess that it has happened to me – more than once or twice.

I have learned to be very careful about making a final decision to go ahead with something before I’ve had a chance to really pray about a so-called, “good idea.” I have made a number of bad choices because I have relied on simple feelings and logic, instead of on God’s direction.

Many times we think instructions to do something are coming from God, when in reality, they are coming from a satanic source. The devil is a master at deceiving Christians in order to get us out of the will of God for our lives. Many bad or foolish decisions – and actions – get blamed on God when people say, “God told me to do it!” 1 John 4:1 tells us, “Don’t always believe every message you hear just because someone says it is a message from God; test it first to see if it really is.” And, in James 5:15 we also read, “Instead, you ought to say, ‘If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”

So before you make an important decision – especially a life- altering one – make sure you have prayed about it for a good long time. You need to make sure that God is indeed behind it before you go ahead. Learn how to discern God’s voice, because sometimes, it can also have eternal consequences.

A good idea is only good, if it’s also a “GOD idea.”

– Luis Joseph Castle

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